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Capital Murder

A Sophie Lee Short Story

Sophie Lee was in charge. Her partner, Manny Williams, had joined the FBI, and she was on her own with one of the most unusual murders in Michigan history. Michigan State Senator, Simon Young, had been found brutally mutilated in his office and no one had seen a thing, until the senator's wife appeared at the murder scene covered in blood, denying her guilt. Was it all a lie or were there other forces at work? The deeper Sophie digs, the more the facts unravel into the realm of the improbable. Can she solve the puzzle before it's too late?

Capital Murder is a 60-page short story.

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The Lighthouse

The Killing Sands

The Lighthouse is a short story written by Rick Murcer as part of an anthology called The Killing Sands. The Killing Sands is a collection of vacation-themed short stories from seven different independant murder/mystery authors. If you're a fan of murder/mystery stories set in exotic locations, The Killing Sands is a must-read!

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Manny Blue & Black Max

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FBI profiler Manny Williams wasn't always a seasoned veteran. In fact, he was lucky to make it to the Bureau. One August morning, eighteen years prior,while working as a rookie at the Lansing Police Department, he and his partner, Kyle Chavez, are assigned a routine B&E investigation. Manny soon learns there is no such thing as routine. The investigation quickly turns into a road trip to Hell with death riding shotgun. Enter Max, a huge black Lab who has the temperament of an angry bear. Or does he?

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Sam MacNabb only writes the facts. That's what investigative reporters do. But when he shows up at one of the most bizarre murder scenes in Detroit history, not even Christmas can stop his perception of truth and reality from being altered forever.

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Herb's Home Run

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A heart attack takes Steve Kellar's best friend far too early, but is that the end?

Rick Murcer released Herb's Home Run in February of 2013, as part of Classic Shorts, which also contains his short story The Lighthouse, along with the first five chapters of Carolina Rain.

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